7 Oct
$1500 a pair means I’m not stepping into these anytime soon


No idea how these speakers sound? The press release tells me that they sound unlike anything ever heard. Not sure about that lofty statement, but they sure are a pleasure to look at. And how sweet do these speakers look sitting next to this stereo tube amplifier. Old school bliss, if you ask me. The Little Horn Speakers, by Specimen Products, are made using high-density fiberglass and the base is made from heavy, void-free Baltic birch plywood. The base also houses the driver and acts as a compression chamber for the horn. The special inverted design enables the low frequencies to emerge at the top of the horn. The Little Horns can be used with almost any stereo system, and are also uniquely suited to low-power (10-watts or less per channel) single-ended triode (SET) tube amplifiers—a standard for audiophiles. The horns come in a variety of color finishes to match your décor. Dark green horns with gold interior, dark walnut horns with gold interior, black horns with white interior, dark blue horns with light blue interior, or in primed white to serve as a blank canvas for those that want to personalize them with their own artistic touch. Unfortunately, $1500 a pair means I’m not stepping into these anytime soon. If you’re interested check ‘me out here.

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