7 Oct
2 Hidden Cameras, A Bunch Of Kids And 1 Marshmallow Each—Oh, The Temptation


I’ve seen Allen Funt pull off experiments like this before, but somehow it just doesn’t get old. I totally feel for these kids as they wrestle with waiting to eat a marshmallow. The basic idea is to sit a kid down in front of a tasty treat, leave them in a room by themselves and tell the little buggers if they hold out munching on this for a few minutes (15 to be exact) they’ll get a bigger prize—2 marshmallows. I’m totally with the little red haired girl at the end—fuck patience, fuck self-control and fuck virtues. 1 marshmallow works for me too kid. And just because a you can’t wait doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to grow up with behavioral and academic problems, or get lower SAT scores or struggle in stressful situations or have limited friendships as an adult—I’ve got like 1500 friends on Facebook.

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