12 Nov
A bigger-than-life cabinet of curiosities created by Joey Arias and legendary puppeteer Basil Twist


There is lots of art to be had in this world, but I get the feeling Arias with a Twist is one of those things that you just can’t miss, if given the opportunity. If you’re in LA, you now have a chance. The show opens on Wednesday, November 18, at Redcat and runs for a limited four-week run through Sunday, December 13, 2009. It you haven’t heard about it, it sounds pretty twisted. The adventure begins with an alien abduction and concludes with a stupendous Busby Berkeley-esque finale. In between all that, a team of puppeteers, directed by the legendary Basil Twist, work their magic with vintage marionettes, anatomically correct puppets channeling lurid celluloid dreams, macabre nightmares and bizarre premonitions, and set to the soaring song stylings (think throaty chanteuse channeling Billie Holiday) of demented diva Joey Arias. And it all takes place in fantastical scenic elements like rainforests and stuff. Call me crazy, but this cabinet of curiosities sounds pretty damn eye-popping.

Here’s a video of Joey Arias tap dancing from Arias with a Twist

Here’s a video of Joey Arias and Basil Twist discussing the show

As a dedication to the show coming to LA, one of our favorite LA clubs, Shits & Giggles, is hosting an afterparty for the show on Friday November 20th.


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