6 Nov
Leftovers of a car culture


This is a pretty cool exhibit as far as old tire exhibits go. Americans scrap almost 300 million tires a year. There’s potential for a lot of tire exhibits in this country. I’m surprised there aren’t more…tire exhibits, that is. It would be silly to be surprised at high scrap tire figures…silly. I mean, there are probably close to 100 million cars on the road. Not on one road, probably. That would make traffic unbearable. And if there are 100 million cars on the road, shouldn’t there be 400 million scrap tires? Where are the extra 100 million tires disappearing to? I know the answer to that question—underground tire art exhibits. There must be a huge black market operation that I need to get in on.

2 Responses to “Betsabee Romero: Tire Art”

  1. Now this is my kinda art! My husband is an architect designer who does installation art, which is sight specific…and I always wince when I see how much wasted materials go in the dumpster behind the galleries and museums after the show is over…I have been leaning on him and his partner to consider using obsolete materials…like tires !
    We are actually about to begin landscaping with tires as raised beds and such at my home and creative space.

    Thank you for this piece, it’s very inspiring*

  2. Charon, we aims to please.

    Post a couple pics of your project on our Facebook page and maybe we’ll write a post.


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