17 Nov
His latest accessory line channeling the iconic Grace Jones


We couldn’t help but notice accessory designer Alexis Bittar’s recent collections that channel the iconic Grace Jones. Alexis is famed for his brilliant bedazzled bangles, disco-driven neckwear and his overall geometric geniusness.  The jeweler forms all of his creations using earths most precious elements, dipped metals and hand-painted lucite. Like Grace, each season he continues to sweeten our souls with unconventional imagery and a knack for all things accessory. Become a slave yourself.

And catch a  sneak-peek of what an average day looks like for Alexis Bittar…

8 am
What are you drinking? Coffee or tea?

Coffee with half and half, Starbucks is conveniently across the road from my office.

What are you reading — Blackberry or NY Times?

Blackberry, it never stops buzzing.

10 am
What is the first task of your day?

Meeting with my design team.

Where are you looking for inspiration?

Everyone around me is so inspiring from the stylists I work with for shoots to the people I encounter on my walk to work.

12 pm
Is it a work-lunch or break-lunch?

Work lunch, mostly, my days are always so packed.

Brown bag or a neighborhood favorite?

There is a great Japanese restaurant across the road from my office which always serves my favorite Katsy curry.

7 pm

Last thought before you leave the office?

I hope its locked up.

Red wine or White?


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