25 Nov
Thanksgiving Prayer by William S. Burroughs—as seen through Gus Van Sant's lens


We’d like to give a little thanks to William S. Burroughs for being such a bad ass. Original gangster is more like it.  A tip of the hat to you sir… may you rest in peace. Props to you too Gus Van Sant…for the video below. This poem might come across super negative to some of you out there, I get it, but think about. Really. Listen to the words. Sometimes you need to rattle the cage to get peoples’ attention…to pry their eyes open. Sure, there are a lot of amazingly awesome things in the good ol’ US of A to be proud of, but I get Burroughs’ point loud and clear. Happy Turkey to you all…specially if you’re reading this website—we’re super grateful for that.


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  1. victor wilde says:

    I have this on my itunes..he remains one of my heroes…

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