13 Nov
World's former most (over)paid artist makes an LA stop


Beverly Hills has a great weekend planned for those venturing out into the gallery world. Love him or hate him, the Gagosian Gallery will be featuring new works from Jeff Koons this Saturday November 14th. Reading the rich descriptions, hyper analytical, pseudo art theory syntaxes applied to Koons’ new works provided by the Gagosian Gallery screams of recent BA degree “Art History Major”, job application essayists. Perhaps I may not be the greatest fan of Koons but aligning him to Lichtenstein (just because he has pixel play in his featured painting), a naturalist or suggesting there are elements pulled from Venus of Willendorf for these new works forces me to throw my hands up in the air and surrender to the notions that all “bougie” collectible artists are stale, derivative and far reaching…or more appropriately far-stretched for meaning. Besides, being an art director is wearing thin on those searching for hands-on visceral experiences these days. It’s up to you to judge. Find your way past the velvet rope at the Gagosian and mix it up with LA’s social-elite. Have some caviar and a flute of bubbling Perrier-Jouet for me, just try not to spill any on the old lady that looks like Mrs. Howell. That lady has a temper.

New Paintings: November 14, 2009 – January 9, 2010

456 North Camden Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
T. 310.271.9400 F. 310.271.9420
Hours: Tue-Sat 10-5:30

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