24 Nov
Cuervo's high end line not just for lowering the standards of coeds any more


Let’s be honest, every man in America knows exactly what José Cuervo is for — lowering the standards of sorority girls everywhere. But with its Patron and Don Julio-targeting Reserva de la Familia line, Cuervo is putting an entirely new demographic in its crosshairs. First introduced in 1995 to celebrate José Cuervo’s 200 year anniversary, only 17,000 bottles of Reserva De La Familia are produced each year, and each is handmade, numbered, dated and sealed in wax. This year’s Extra-Añejo tequila is aged in American oak and French Limousin barrels for an average of 3 years, and the final blend includes tequila from reserves aged over 30 years.

To further raise the profile of its finest line, José Cuervo selects a different esteemed Mexican artist every year to design the box for the limited edition tequila, and chose Marco Arce for its Extra Añejo 2009 collection. Arce created the vivid tiger image above, as well as the Eagle profile below.

Available for only $100.


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