17 Nov
The M7 gets a Hermès makeover


Much respect for the German folks over at Leica—they do know how to build a quality camera. Same goes for French fashion house Hermès—limited edition fashion is what they do best. Bring the two together for a $14,000 35 mm camera, though…really, for reals? Sure, there are only 200 of these available, and the calfskin leather treatment by Hermès is a really nice touch, but 14k seems bonkers. Really bonkers. It is just a fashion accessory at this point. I’m unemployed too though. If you’re not like me and you have a really good job, the camera goes on sale in December throughout the UK.leica_hermes2

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    Ive linked this to my mister wong profile so I do not forget to come back down the line.

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