10 Nov
The documentary Lil Wayne doesn't want you to see will be released November 17


I don’t care if Lil Wayne has Top 10 hits, that dude is anytihng but mainstream. Whether its his Predator-like looks, copious face tattoos, gravelly wheeze or his brilliant metaphor-loaded rhymes, the guy is the antithesis of the brainless saccharine pop star. Who woulda thunk the guy who blew up as one of the Hot Boys on Cash Money records back in the late 90s would evolve into the most enigmatic pop star on the planet? It’s funny to see Petite Weezy at all the award shows and on Top 40 radio billboards, cos honestly he’s the last guy I’d ever expect to be accepted by middle America. I mean fuck, if he’s a role model we’re in big trouble. If I had kids he’d be the last guy I’d want them emulating, but I don’t have any so I find him fascinating. What other rapper gets a Get Outta Jail Free card after getting arrested with 105 grams of marijuana, almost 29 grams of cocaine and 41 grams of powdered ecstasy (which happened in Arizona in January 2008)? I don’t condone drugs, but that’s one helluva party.

So now his controversial documentary, The Carter, is finally ready for daylight and comes out next Tuesday (November 17th). It was one of the most talked about films at this year’s Sundance, and when he found out all the stuff he’d said and did on camera were actually going into the documentary Lil Weezy tried to get the film blocked because it “depicts him in a negative light and/or engaged in criminal conduct.” Yeah, no shit it does Wayne — but the camera was right in your face while you were pouring that syrup! What did you think they were doing with those boom mics, and asking you all those questions? Making another “Make It Rain” video? Directed by Adam Bhala Lough (who also helmed the Lee Scratch Perry doc The Upsetter and the graffiti feature Bomb The System) the film promises to show a very raw side of the troubled New Orleans icon; the trailer below made me Netflix it immediately.

For the record, his last Carter III album was the weakest of the series and his ubiquitous cameos are spreading his style a bit thin, but if you have any doubts of his lyrical talents, download The Drought 3 free and find out for yourself why he’s one of the last gasp hopes of rap…

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