10 Nov
Pepsi's limited time cola uses real cane sugar instead of corn syrup...and wins its way back into my sugar-starved heart


I was particularly thirsty at a photoshoot the other day and I did something I almost never do — I stuck my hand in the icy goodness of the cooler and pulled out a Pepsi. It’s not that I have anything against Pepsi, it’s just that I very rarely drink soda. So I pull the tab and start drinking it down, and lo and behold this is the best tasting soda I’ve had in years. I sort of bugged out for a second, thinking it was only because I hadn’t had a cola in so long that the absence embellished the flavor, but then I looked at the can and saw it was Pepsi Throwback — a limited edition line of Pepsi that is made with real cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Immediately activating my MIT-braniac research mode, I dug around in the icy swill and pulled out a regular Pepsi to take an impromptu head-to-head Pepsi civil challenge. And the result? I wasn’t crazy — that Throwback shit is the bomb. (You know how Coke tastes better in Mexico and foreign countries? It’s not just in your head, kid, it’s cos in 3rd world countries they still use real sugar instead of corn syrup. Again, America gets shafted!)

I quickly stuffed my pockets with a couple extra cans, just to continue my scientific research…my delicious scientific research. When I got home I began Googling, only to find out in great sadness that Pepsi Throwback (and its Mountain Dew counterpart) were for a limited time, ending this past June. This made me sad. Until I continued my Googling research and discovered that “…Starting December 28th Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback will be available again for 8 weeks with the same formula and natural sugar, but this time with an even more rad vintage look!” Yaye!! Again, I’m no habitual soda drinker but if you’re a junkie — or just like an occasional can of the sweet stuff — I highly recommend you dig around your local bodega and try to sniff out this delicious nectar, the natural cane sugar really does make a difference.

DISCLAIMER: Madman Mundt did not receive any sort of compensation — money, product, or otherwise — for stating his love of this particular soda. If Pepsi feels the desire to send him a crate of said product to his Hidden Arctic Headquarters buried deep beneath the snows of the Parry Islands, they can feel free to do so.

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  2. Krumm says:

    This is so true. Unfortunately in Canada we don’t have this stuff, but I was in the US last year and had a chance to try it, i personally don’t like Pepsi and drink Coke but i really liked Pepsi Throwback. Definitely should be brought back, and made available in Canada :) .

  3. You may thank the protectionists thugs in DC. I know it’s tempting to think that they use cane sugar elsewhere because Elsewherians are, like, so much better than us.

    Sugar tariffs that are supposed to “help” the sugar industry by propping up sugar prices (and driving everyone to alternatives) are the cause. This is supposed to help Big Sugar who, despite the sound of it, is not an obese New Orleanian prostitute.

  4. ellen says:

    coke and pepsi are both available with sugar around passover time (march 30th) as well.

  5. Richard Fath says:

    The “Throwback” sodas are being made the same way they were made back in the 70’s. I remembered that both Coke and Pepsi had switched to corn syrup back in the early 80’s(about a few years before the cola wars had begun when Coke had changed their formula to be like Pepsi’s for a brief time. I have read that corn syrup isn’t as easily metabolized as cane sugar which means that it’s less healthy for you, and that the reason that the switch with sweeteners was made because corn syrup is much cheaper than sugar. I am a ‘Boomer’ that’s going to turn 50 soon which is the reason that I recalled all of that.

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