16 Nov
Where were you for my Dungeons & Dragons sleepovers???


It’s sad to say but I’m not even joking — if this thing had come out when I was a kid I probably would’ve used it straight through college. Which in hindsight probably wouldn’t have been such a great idea — it would’ve been a little weird for my roommate to have to pretend he didn’t hear those Szhu szhu szhuuuuu! lightsaber sound effects coming from under the covers. Awkward that would be, young Jedi…

How cool is the lightsaber zipper tab and Tauntaun pillow head? And apparently there are guts printed on the inside — now that’s detailed licensing! Only $99 at the Star Wars Shop


And look at this happy little camper…all I’d need is a sleeve of Oreos and I’d be set for life…


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