24 Nov
Functionality, ingenuity, craftsmanship, imagination, and above all, good design


Joseph Ribic is the man behind the modern furniture line, Objeti. Objeti is a Slovenian word that means embrace, btw. He founded the company in 2009 as part of a collaborative effort with his family’s manufacturing and fabrication business. His pops and master machinist, John Sr., works with the precise details involved in turning the designs into reality while John Jr., the production manager, brings the pieces to fruition by overseeing the production. I love that it’s a family affair. And I really love the Aerialist series of furniture. What’s not to love about a coffee table that converts into an ottoman with a simple turn of a lever? Talk about versatile.

The tables come in standard powder coat colors: black, white, gray, red and blue. The cushion is 100% wool fabric and you have your choice in colors too. They’ll even flip custom graphics on the cushions if you like. Each piece is made to order in their hometown of Cleveland. And because each piece is made to order and shipped directly from the factory to your home…they’re operating in a socially conscious way. They’ve reduced storage and transportation costs and carbon emissions.


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