16 Nov
Documenting Paul Mawhinney, the man with the world’s largest record collection


Wow, this guy has over 2 million pieces of vinyl in his collection. I’m not even sure if fully comprehend a number like that. That would take a lot of Ikea shelves and milk crates and stuff. He even has the very first flat record that came out in 1881. The library of congress even did a study on this guy’s record collection and came to the conclusion that 83% of the music this man has, releases between the years ’48 to ’66, is not even available to the public at large. The really sad part about all this is that Paul Mawhinney has obviously spent most of his life amassing this collection and now due to health issues (blindness and diabetes) he’s being forced to sell his collection. He’s actually spent the last 10 years trying to find a home for it. No serious collectors have stepped up. So looking forward to seeing this film… If this trailer is any indication, Sean Dunne did an amazing job on this documentary.

3 Responses to “The Archive by Sean Dunne”

  1. kane says:

    seems like something the smithsonian should step in on – what a trove!
    or some university etc…. would be nice if collection stayed intact…..

  2. burbunk says:

    The fact that somebody has not only this many, but this amount of rare and unreleased vinyl works is stunning.

  3. Kenney says:

    He has a good description of Vinyl vs Digital.

    A guy who can really tell the difference.

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