I’m typically not too drawn to the whole Steampunk vibe. Some of it is pretty interesting, I’ve seen a few pairs of goggles I wouldn’t mind rocking, but a lot just looks like something the neighborhood tweaker would concoct in his garage at like 3am. The Catena Wall Clock By Andreas Dober has a little bit of that whacky mechanical vibe, but I don’t hate it. In fact, if it weren’t for the $2300 price tag I’d so have this. I thought meth was totally cheap?

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  1. Klok Klondike says:

    $2,300.00? You’re joking right?

    As a semi-serious collector of clocks and watches, I’d place a realistic value on this clock of $75 to $100, full retail.

    Anyone who’d pay $2,300 for this should take a look at some fine 150+-year-old time pieces I’d be willing to part with for 10K to 20K bucks each. For $2,300 you can buy a very nice, very well made antique clock.

    This is an interesting novelty clock, but it is just a novelty clock. What in my business we refer to as junk.

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