The Jesus Club isn’t what it sounds like. It’s a club in Berlin that opened November 4th and it reads like a pretty amazing night out. The idea is to stir up a daring mix of “music, dance, performance, visual arts and food into a socially engaging atmospherical miracle.” Love it. The reason why the club caught my eye, tho, is cuz Blurt—the group founded by poet/saxophonist/puppeteer Ted Milton in 1980—is playing this coming Wednesday. Could there be a better venue for Blurt? So wish I was there. If we’ve got a reader in Berlin that’s been to the club, I’d love to hear about this place.

“Get” by Blurt

Check this live super-8mm film footage of “Puppeteer” from the album A Factory Quartet, released in 1980 on Factory Records.

Here’s Blurt in their original line-up, live at “Stollwerck” in Cologne in 1982 with Ted Milton on vocals and alto sax, Peter Creese on guitar and Jake Milton on drums.

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