11 Nov
Metal female group brings back debauchery of Sunset Strip


To Whom It May Concern: THE CHELSEA GIRLS

The Chelsea Girls claim to be the first ever female all-star Supercovergroup, but I just think they rock. There’s a special part of my heart reserved for girls that love Cinderella and grew up watching Headbanger’s Ball, wishing Riki Rachtman would just go away so I could watch more Pantera, Def Leppard, Bulletboys and Guns N’ Roses videos — and they are such people. Their shows are famously raucous affairs, and highlighted with frequent celebrity and metal-inspired cameos by everyone from Lemmy Kilmeister from Motorhead to Stephen Pearcy from RATT to Taylor Dayne and Macy Gray and Carmen Electra to Quiet Riot’s Rudy Sarzo. It’s not high art, no, but it is one helluva good excuse to polish off some bourbon and let loose for a night. If you ever go see hair metal cover bands in your hometown (eg Steel Panther in LA) then you would love to see the Chelsea Girls do their thing. Guitarist Allison Robertson is a founding member of The Donnas, drummer Samantha Maloney has played in Hole, Motley Crue, Eagles Of Death Metal and Peaches, bassist Corey Parks founded Nashville Pussy and singer Tuesdae is an opera-trained former Playboy model. What more credentials do you need? Read their To Whom It May Concern Q&A after the Jump to hear what makes the girls tick (Pssst – it may have something to do with Aston Martin Lagondas, Whitesnake, and photos of your wiener)…

If you’re in Vegas, catch the Chelsea Girls live TOMORROW at Wasted Space (November 12th) or in LA at The Roxy on November 21. (If you’re an LA reader, send us an email with your favorite hair metal song of all time and the best 2 answers will get you on the list +1 for their November 21st Roxy show.)

Photos by Genie Sanchez


Allow me to introduce myself, I’m…

Allison Robertson (guitar): Allison Robertson the III

Tuesdae (vox): Tuesdae. JJ Tuesdae when I’m drunk.

Samantha Maloney (drums): Samantha Maloney, Hot Damn Sweet Sam

You can find me…

AR: In Los Angeles, California

T: Downtown LA tearin’ up the gutter and keepin’ the bums awake.

SM: In Los Angeles, California

I’m usually posted up at…

AR: My apartment, rehearsal, or a Mexican restaurant.

T: My roof top drinking heavily.

SM: Sushi Spots along Ventura Blvd in The Valley

I pay my bills by…

AR: Playing guitar

T: Singing for Chelsea Girls and DJ’ing for sluts and guidos all over the world.

SM: Playing Drums, Remixing and Producing Records, Acting

You might’ve heard of me because…

AR: I am relatively funny and have a great body.

T: I’ve got a four-octave range and a sassy attitude.

SM: I’m one of the few Native New Yorkers who doesn’t whine about (and actually loves living in) LA

But why you really should know me is…

Tuesdae: I like it weird.

My next order of business is…

AR: I play guitar in Chelsea Girls, The Donnas and have been on the cover of Guitar Player magazine. I’m currently playing several residencies with Chelsea Girls, starting the writing process on a new Donnas album as well as a top secret dance rock project with my sister Emily Robertson.

T: writing a rock musical called “Victory: The Rock Opera” with Angus Clark of The Trans Siberian Orchestra.

SM: I’m a pretty Bad Ass Drummer In a Pretty and Bad Ass band called CHELSEA GIRLS

If it wasn’t for _______ I wouldn’t be where I am today.

AR: Tom Keifer of Cinderella

T: If it wasn’t for being born I wouldn’t be where I am today.

SM: Hard Work, Talent, Perseverance and years watching and studying the MTV show Headbanger’s Ball.

The best part about my job is…

AR: I play guitar all the time.

T: Doing what I love.

SM: I get to beat the crap outta something and get paid for it

The worst part about my job is…

AR: I constantly need more guitars.

T: Free drugs.

SM: Nothing

If you want to put a smile on my face, you probably want to…

AR: Give me pizza, talk about metal, Charles Grodin.

T: Send me photos of your penis.

SM: Buy me Entemann’s chocolate fudge cake or take me on a rollercoaster ride


If you want to wipe that smile away, then you should…

AR: Talk loudly when I have a hangover.

T: Eat garlic and talk about politics.

SM: Lie. I can’t stand a liar. Or a thief.

The last time I saw the sun come up I was…

AR: A week ago when had to spend the night at the Milwaukee airport.

T: Today. Still haven’t slept.

SM: In Vegas last week

The person I admire most is…

AR: Stevie Nicks and Tom Keifer

T: Ayn Rand.

SM: My Boyfriend

The last time I lied was because…

AR: I didn’t want to go to jury duty.

T: The last time I lied was two days ago because it wasn’t big enough.

SM: I dont lie. I am brutally honest. To a fault.

If you hit shuffle on my iPod you might be shocked to find…

AR: Steely Dan, Tchaikovsky, Merciful Fate

T: That I don’t actually own an ipod.

SM: Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite

If you hit shuffle on my iPod I’d be embarrassed if it landed on…

AR: I’m never embarrassed of anything in my iPod!

T: Nothing because I don’t have one.

SM: I am proud of all my iPod songs.   FYI: I am the biggest Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam fan.

When I get my next (first?) really big check, I’m gonna go score a…

AR: Car that has air conditioning and a cat harness

T: A Brazilian pool boy.

SM: 1984 Aston Martin Lagonda

But it’ll never replace…

AR: My Les Pauls.

T: Oh yes it will!

SM: Jaguar XJR because I am a huge Whitesnake fan and can’t stop paying homage to Tawny Kitaen and David Coverdale

I’d like to give a quick shout-out to…

AR: The other Chelsea Girls, what up?

T: All the metal heads. You fire me up.

SM: All the bands I have loved and played drums in… Shift, Hole, Motley Crue, Eagles Of Death Metal, Peaches, The Crystal Method, Chelsea Girls

And lastly, if you were Lost In a Supermarket, we’d find you in the…

AR: Mexican imports or produce aisle

T: buying gum cuz I don’t eat.

SM: Red  Wine Section trying to figure out what  proper bottle “hip” wine enthusiasts and aficionados are buying these days so I don’t embarrass myself at that next dinner party I so don’t wanna go to.



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