Keys N Krates have toured all of Canada and have started making their presence felt in the US. I haven’t seen them (DJ Jr. Flo, Matisse on keys and Tune on drums) live yet, but I keep hearing all this talk. I’ve got respect for the guys just from watching their videos on YouTube. Live instrumentation, turntablism and live sampling—I can’t hate on that, even if I’m not a fan of the artists and tracks they’re remixing right in front of me. Hip-hop, in my opinion, has been a stale ass pool of a genre for a long time—at least the shit most people are listening to. I don’t know if Keys N Krates are the answer, but they’re definitely bringing something new to the game. They’ve got a new fan over here at LIAS. If you’re in LA they’re playing at the Purple Lounge in the Hollywood Standard tomorrow, Friday night. We tossed them a few questions…make the jump to read the interview…

To Whom It May Concern:

Allow us to introduce ourselves, I’m…Flowinsky, Tune and Matisse of the Live Re-Mix trio “Keys N Krates”.

You can find us…Toronto and New York

We’re usually posted up at…Wherever the ugly lights come on and the dirties start to scurry..

We pay our bills by…Music

You might’ve heard of us because…We take samples of existing music and transform them live (with turntables, live sampling, drums and keys) into our own nutty compositions.

Our next order of business is…We have a mixtape “Live Re-Mixing 101” presented by Urb Magazine, dropping mid-November which will be available online for free download.  We are also working on our own original music that we look forward to getting out there and giving the live re-mix treatment to. That will be ready for Jan or Feb 2010.

If it weren’t Idiotic, disgusting, lowlife friend Abby Tobias we wouldn’t be where we are today because…He Introduced us all.

The best part about out job is…The free alcohol.

The worst part about out job is…The free alcohol.

If you want to put a smile on our faces, you probably want to…Give us food.  Lots of it.

If you want to wipe that smile away, then you should…Talk to loud, name-drop, act arrogant.. a lot of things typical to music industry people.

The last time we saw the sun come up we were…It happens more often than not.

The person we admire most is…Bill Clinton for really breaking down the meaning of “is”.

The last time we lied was because…We wanted to avoid an overweight charge on our baggage.

If you hit shuffle on our iPods we’d be embarrassed if it landed on…We’re not embarrassed with anything we listen to.  We’ll floss it.

If we were Lost In a Supermarket, you’d find us in the…In the end…probably the baked goods.

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