26 Nov
Stuff yourself stupid!


I suppose it’s good news, but its effects are bad. You may have noticed some problems logging onto Lost In a Supermarket lately, and that is because our traffic has outgrown our server allotment. Part of this makes us happy (mostly the part where there’s a lot of you guys coming back), while part of this makes us sad, and angry (mostly the part where our shitty server company cut us off because there’s a lot of you coming back). Anywho, in the end these issues are a good thing, apparently there’s enough of you out there enjoying this site and for that we are eternally Thankful. So as a tribute to you all, we’re going to honor this Thanksgiving by rewarding all our readers with a very necessary Thanksgiving Vacation…aka, we’ll be chilling unrepentantly. Our gift to you is sitting around in our sweatpants all day, trying to knock ourselves comatose on a steady diet of tryptophan and gravy, whilst drinking enough bourbon to down a bull elephant. We do this for you, people!

God bless America — the only country on Earth with the humility and wisdom to dedicate an entire day to stuffing yourself till you rupture an intestinal wall! Brings a tear to the eye, don’t it? Happy Thanksgiving!!

…and just to show our gratitude…

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