Not to speculate on any particular individual’s religious beliefs, superstitions, mythologies or general dogmas – nor judge anyone on their internal mysticism – however The Loyal Subjects are combining the gooey, colorful, horrific, perverse yet somewhat upbeat world of Alex Pardee with the sprightly innocence of Christmas. As Reeses Peanut Butter Cups once so famously stated in describing their Flash of Brilliance, “You’ve put your chocolate in my peanut butter!” — creating what they claim to be the “Two great tastes that go together” — Alex Pardee is dipping his ‘monsterific’ world into the sacred laps of Christmas lovers worldwide. Perhaps the new and improved “Two great tastes that go together”?

This coming Saturday, December 5th (tomorrow for those who are chronologically challenged and ‘Time-Date’ inept), Alex Pardee and the Loyal Subjects will be hosting a self described Twisted Christmas Party, in part to spread dreadful cheer and also as a celebration and release party for Alex Pardee’s Walrus Rider Vinyl Figure — the Pink Flocked Edition. The project commemorates Upper Playground’s 10 year anniversary and its famous Walrus Icon. The Walrus Rider (100 pieces made) can be purchased through The Loyal Subjects or at the event, which will take place at Goodfellas Restaurant on Melrose. So if you have a hankering for some fun desecration — or a celebration for the sacred — this should be a party worth attending. I mean free booze and food, Alex Pardee, and Christmas pomp in a down-turned economy? Wow! Who says LA doesn’t know how to party? Maybe there is a new formula brewing for the folks at Reeses…certainly a formula for an interesting Christmas Party. If you are a traditionalist, feel free to bring Frankincense and Myrrh, but please leave self mutilation impulses back at your deviant homes.

It’s been told that Alex Pardee loves libations and from time to time likes to sneak in and paint people’s houses. This party is open to the public.

Good Fellas Restaurant
7455 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles,CA 90046
Tel: 323 658-6622

Some of the gallery below may not be suitable for those with queasy stomachs, thanks to the images of some lunatic below. Apparently Pardee has some crazy ass fans, including the retard below who attended his signing in Portland, and upon reaching the signing table he lifted his shirt, brandished a blade, shanked himself in the stomach and cut a 4″ gash across his gut. People just stared in shock as he proceeded to paint the wood floor red with his blood. The bad news? Guy was taken to the hospital via ambulance. The good news? Homeboy still got his doll signed. What an idiot.

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