22 Dec
How a Uruguayan filmmaker turned $300 into $30,000,000


So the story with this video, Ataque de Pánico!, is that Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez made it for like $300 and posted it up on Youtube, and within a week he was fielding multimillion dollar deals with major studios looking to sign him. And apparently he signed a $30 million offer from Sam Raimi — but it’s not to produce a full length version of this film, it’s for an entirely new project. Sure there are some rough spots (mostly with lighting), but you can’t even buy a decent digital point ‘n’ shoot for that kind of money nowadays — kids really stretching a dollar. Or a peso, rather. For obvious reasons it’s getting a lot of comparisons to Neill Blomkamp’s District 9, fitting seeing as both directors made low budget shorts in distant 3rd-world lands to prove to the Big Boys what they could do, and both found huge success directly through Youtube. Gotta feeling there’s gonna be a lot more of these guys coming through these channels, especially from atypical locales…

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