11 Dec
The world's worst director teams up with the world's best lingerie hangers


Happy Friday people! This commercial sort of reminds me of when you see a really hot tranny. At first you’re like, ‘Wow that girl is hot!’, and then you see the Adam’s apple and your stomach and esophagus get all squirrely like. Well this is how this video makes me feel — squirrely. On the one hand you have all the magic that is Alessandra Ambrosio and company strutting around in lingerie and high heels, Marisa Miller defying every gentleman’s rule of pool by hitting balls while stretching on a pool table, and models performing yoga in front of chromed out WWII bombers. And on the other hand you have Michael Bay’s visual buffoonery just absolutely laying waste to any semblance of art involved. But what am I saying — are we really expecting art here? Sorry about that, I got confused for a second. Perhaps this is actually where Bay’s strengths shine greatest: no need for story, structure, narrative arc, character development…really anything remotely involved in film making. Instead, just get a bunch of hot chicks in bras and panties throwing 12″ knives at each other while flipping their hair around in front of gigantic explosions. Maybe Bay is some sort of idiot savant, and I just never gave him proper credit. This here is porn for the 8 year old boy in all of us…

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