18 Dec
Ridiculing culture's desire for social isolation—with a healthy dose of humor


Just discovered Cahill’s work and gotta say there’s not much about it that doesn’t speak to me. It waxes over fascination and anxiety quite nicely. The socially detached kid in me in loves the hell out of it. 40 oz bottles, skulls, prescription drugs and bad brains tee shirts speak to me. So do toys and videogame controllers, televisions, rubber ducks and cowboys and Indians. I’m pretty sure there are a few more like me out there. Use this main image as a Litmus test. If you like the idea of a half empty 40 oz laying on its side, some cowboys and Indians with arms drawn on a rubber duck wearing a condom with a bottle of Rohypnol spilled out all over the place puts a smile on your face then definitely peep the rest of David Cahill’s work. Here are a few pieces I’m particularly fond of.

One Response to “David Cahill”

  1. David Cahill says:

    Thank you for the glowing critique.

    You know I once put this painting up in a friend’s bar; looking at it everyone loved it… until one night… Some chick actually read the title of it, “As long as we’ve got Rohypnol we’ve got a party”… Having just finished her degree in Women’s Studies she started such a complaint that the owner took it down.

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