9 Dec
Helping kids get a little reprieve from their unfortunate world and reality


Not a fan of soccer/football in the slightest. I am, though, a huge fan of what Korean company Unplug Design is doing with their Dream Ball. The company’s aim in general is it to prop up the entire human society. Awesome. We need more people like this in the world. Their Dream Ball is all about helping children in The Third World countries (Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Congo and etc.) get a little reprieve from their unfortunate world and reality—poverty, war and natural disaster. If a simple football can let a kid dream, hope and escape life for a little bit all the better. Problem is, the children are so poor that they can’t even buy a football. So, they adapt, improvise and overcome—they make balls out of stuff like plastic bags and coconut palm leaves. The Dream Ball is Unplug Design’s solution. The Dream Ball is made of relief boxes (used aid boxes) and can be delivered to those poor children by the simple act of recycling. And it gets them involved with the relief workers too. Kids take off the paper from an aid box and follow the patterns on it, and assemble those parts with the attached instruction…and they get a football.


4 Responses to “Dream Ball by Unplug Design”

  1. This is a brilliant idea.
    Think they can make a basketball too?
    This interactive ball is also a great vehicle for positive social messaging as kids will play with and read them after they build them!
    Keep up the great work.


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