24 Dec
Time to get back to destroying ourselves with booze


So it’s that most wondrous time of the year when the staff of Lost In a Supermarket finds the roadmap outta this giant interweb bodega, wraps some locks on the door and ventures out into the land of Rancho Relaxo. It’s been a helluva good year for us at LIAS and we want to thank all our readers, contributors, co-conspirators and sponsors for joining us on our brave quest to discover all the awesome and useless junk out there. For the next week I plan on doing very little more than creating a handsome ass-shaped groove in my couch and sampling all the delicious Scotch I got for Xmas…I cannot wait…

Have a great New Year’s, and see y’all back on the other side — Monday, January 4th, 2010!!!

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