22 Dec
Lamborghini returns to the world of frontal engines...at least in fantasy land


I’m really loving this concept Lamborghini — titled the Toro LA 690-4. Designed by University of Montreal industrial design student Amadou Ndiaye, the car is a modern revision of the classic Lamborghini Espada, but does an excellent job of incorporating modern Lambo design elements — especially those of the Reventon. The “LA” stands for “Longituinale Anteriore” (i.e. “Front Longitudinal”), which means the engine is placed in the front of the car — something Lamborghini hasn’t done in decades. Will this ever see the light of day? Unlikely. But if I were an overpaid exec over at VW (who own the Sant’ Agata bull company), I’d have a job offer waiting for Ndiaye on the day of his graduation. Beautiful work.

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  1. Pieter says:

    I also love this concept. It give the impression that it’s a muscle car instead of a super car. Simply brilliant!

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