9 Dec
#1 sales rep for No Sleep Til’ Brooklyn mattress cleaners


I’ve meet some pretty interesting people over the years, but I’ve gotta say not too many folks can be compared to Reggieknow. When it comes to creative advertising and marketing, he’s one of the most talented. Remember back in the ‘90s when Sprit came out with that hip-hop campaign and basically kick started the whole urban marketing school of thought? That was him. His work at The Ad*itive where he holds down Chief Creative Officer is also a strong reference point. And if you get the chance to sit him down in a room and get him talking about his life and what he’s done…you can’t help but hang on the words. We did just that…stay tuned for our video interview coming up pretty soon. Needless to say, we’re glad to have the man back on board with our “End Days” event this weekend. Join us, talk to him yourself. Find out what’s got us so fascinated. We tossed him a few quick questions, btw, make the jump to read what he had to say…


Introduce yourself to Lost In A Supermarket readers:
Reggieknow writer/illustrator of This Day Anime, stylist for Fashion Figure Inc., CCO of ad-itive.com and #1 sales rep for No Sleep Til’ Brooklyn mattress cleaners.

What do the words “End Days” mean to you?
I’ve only heard “end days” or “last days” tossed around in reference to the bible. I can’t say stories scare me being from a bible, fairy tale or comic. There’s a lot money in the business of keeping people in fear.

What would you like people to say about you and/or your work when you’re gone?
He’ll be back, he stepped out to get some fresh air.

What—outside of other artists or heroes—has influenced your art the most?
Inner city struggle.

Of all the work you’ve created, can you name a couple that you have a special love for or connection to?
The Dem Dare flyers.

If you were Lost In A Supermarket, what aisle would we find you in?
The aisle that has Nice & Smooth lotion and UMC’s blue cheese dip.

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  1. ESQ Locution says:

    Fresh, Jive, 40th N Broadway Right Dare!!!

  2. Mo says:

    I love Reggieknow. He’s one of the dopest people in the agency world I know. I met him in Chgo when he and I worked for an ad agency. to this day, his essences is like cheap perfume. to know him, is to love and admire him.
    I tip my wig to him.

  3. Su says:

    Reggieknow is and always has been in the know. Most visionaries are 20 years ahead. Reggie is 20 light years ahead. I want to live in the hip hop world that is This Day Sucks. It is that visually enticing. The figures are another example of why he is stellar in the ad world and the artistic communities. It’s the details within the details. Pure brilliance

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