I’ll admit I have my fair share of bias against Harley, just cos to me they signify 50-year-old dentists desperately trying to reclaim some of the youth they squandered playing golf and anguishing over 401K options while they guys they’re emulating spent those decades living life. Oh, and reclaiming that youth with annoyingly loud tailpipes to boot. But I really do like the Harley Davidson Sportster — my friend has one and he’s done some really nice simple mods to it and it cleans up really well. US custom builder Roland Sands Design has created their own easy-to-assemble mod kit that can be bought piecemeal, so you can fix up your Sportster part-by-part as you save up some dough. Nice stuff — some really clean detail work in there. The RSD Café kit will be on sale soon, although the café seat, gauge/headlight relocation kit and velocity stack are still at the prototype stage. They should all be available by mid 2010.

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  1. Kevin D says:

    This is one hot bike! If they had one at a local HD shop, Id pick it up today!

  2. […] in around 880g, the helmets feature highly detailed graphics by Jimbo Phillips, custom bike maker Roland Sands, and Chris Wood. Best of all, however, is instead of dropping $700-$1700 for a Ruby or $500 for the […]

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  5. That’s as well nice, when i comes to Asia hope it ass build a rocking Colloq US plunk down for youngster.. hope that rear approach.

  6. […] a bunch of American motorcycle customizer Roland Sands work before, including output like his Harley Davidson Café Sportster, and the Retro Custom 500 Helmets he made for Bell. His latest bike, the ‘Race-ster’, is […]

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