8 Dec
Stockholm's indie pop maestros return with first single off their third LP, "Work"


I stumbled across the Shout Out Louds one hot August night in Oslo back in 2007, playing in some graffiti-ravaged cellar the night before the Oya Festival kicked off. I wasn’t expecting much, as I never am, especially considering I was heavily brain-frazzled from the 20-something hour flight and drunk on the cheapest plastic-cup beer my American dollars would afford. Then they came on stage and proceeded to play some of the catchiest, most hook-laden indie rock I’ve heard this side of Austin, and they turned out to be one of the three great surprises from that festival (along with Ida Maria and Yo! Majesty). The Stockholm quintet embody all that makes Swedish pop great, drowning their tunes in melodic drama unlike any other country seems to be able to create. Yes, singer Adam Olenius’ dramatic inflections may lean a bit too heavily into Robert Smith territories at times, but it seems that Olenius may be evolving away from that. A bit, anyway — at least by hearing the first single “Walk” off their upcoming February-released 3rd LP, Work.

The video below was directed by Ted Malmros (Peter Bjorn & John’s “Young Folks”). Download the track “Walls” HERE for free.

Hit the Jump to see the Shout Out Louds video for “Tonight I Have To Leave It” off of their fantastic sophomore album, Our Ill Wills…

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