9 Dec
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's contribution to the holiday spirit


I really love It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I mean, like, I really fucking love it. I only got into it on the 3rd season which at first was a bummer but then not really, cos it supplied me and my roommate with a couple weeks of marathon sessions of their idiocies. He’s German and rolls spliffs like they’re taquitos, so even tho I gave up weed forever ago the end result is we’re usually so baked that we can rewatch an episode almost immediately after its done and it’s like watching it for the first time. In many way, copious smoking is like a present to yourself — a gift to your brain that let’s you enjoy the things you really enjoy time and again, almost as if it was the first time.

On that note, may I present the ultimate Hanukkah / Christmas / Kwanzaa gift this season — the Dick Towel. You remember that episode where the gang decides to go into marketing, and Charlie invents the Kitten Mittens? Yeah, me neither but it rings a foggy bell. Anyway, in that episode the other 2 invent the Dick Towel and buy the URL, and now were smart enough to cross brand it in real life and actually sell it to all their moronic audience (ie me). The best part? It’s only $19.95! Those idiots, I’d have paid double for the Dick Towel…


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