1 Dec
The debut full-length album is finally just around the corner


Free Energy has been hinting that Stuck On Nothing, their forthcoming debut full-length album, is coming out since the Spring. Bummer that their tour wtih the Rakes was cancelled. What are you gonna do… the Rakes had an untimely breakup. Stuck On Nothing is finally just around the corner, tho…it’ll be released January 26, 2010 via Astralwkers / DFA. The album was produced by DFA’s James Murphy and features a whole bunch of sounds that’ll be stuck in your head for days. From simple cowbells to lovesick pop-ballads to beat driven, anthemic party songs to just plan unique sounds incorporating dirty guitar riffs and bongo drums…expect a good time from begining to end. We caught up with Paul Sprangers from the band and tossed him a few questions. Here’s what he had to say. And oh, if you’re wondering about the other members, here are a few tidbits about the guys to digest: Geoff is a sustainable chef and makes dinners with local ingredients. Scott is a man-about-town and would-be-weightlifter. Evan is a peformer-for-hire (aka: FETI). And Nick is a Mustached Philly Hearthrob. And they like to think of themselves like an A-Team of sorts—everyone has a specific skill and a secret weakness. According to Paul he’snot at liberty to divulge any of this information given the highly sensitive nature of such material… but he did answer a few of our questions. Make the jump to read our interview…

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m…Paul Sprangers aka Raoul Sprangtrap aka Michael Turtle aka Murdock

You can find me…Betwixt Philly and Greenpoint, Brooklyn

I’m usually posted up at…Spring Garden Market (philly) The Thing (greenpoint)

I pay my bills by…the grace of god.

You might’ve heard of me because…I invented the snuggie (for pets).

My next order of business is…finding a used juicer to make fresh ginger and lemon juice. annnnnnnnd preparing to release stuck on nothing, my band’s new album.

If it weren’t for the hard times I wouldn’t be where I am today because they’ve been catalysts for increased self-understanding and awareness.

The best part about my job is…watching the whole process unfold.

The worst part about my job is…trying to be patient as the process unfolds.

If you want to put a smile on my face, you probably want to…play a christine mcvie record.

If you want to wipe that smile away, then you should…play moody blues’ “knights in white satin.”

The last time I saw the sun come up I was…on tour, in rochester, ny, staying with friends in the country. the red sun rose high, blazing over the still pond and gentle hills. My friend mary walked the edge of the water and scared up a giant heron; it soared away, skimming treetops.

The person I admire most is…You, whoever you are.

The last time I lied was because…I took a popcorn bucket out of the trash to get a “free refill” at the movie theater. but i also asked them to pour nacho cheese onto the popcorn. they filled up a soda cup with cheese and gave me that. i put it on the popcorn. spoiler alert: it was really tasty.

If you hit shuffle on my iPod I’d be embarrassed if it landed on…Enya and/or the LOTR soundtrack. But i’m not embarrassed!

If I was Lost In a Supermarket, you’d find me in the…porn aisle.

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