19 Jan
Another Japanese tribute to European luxury houses


Speaking of luxury houses and the Japanese, here are some traditional samurai armor pieces embellished with Chanel branding by artist Tetsuya Noguchi. I’m not sure if this is a comment on consumerism, or the artist is simply enamored with all things Chanel, but I have to admit I love the execution.I have a soft spot for all things samurai, fueled by weekends locked up at the Coolidge Corner theater in Brookline watching Akira Kurasawa samurai film festivals. Obviously Noguchi might share some similar obsessions, given this Chanel suit and his previous Samurai Santa Claus.

Constructed of resin, cashew lacquer, cloth, and glass, the suits would look great in my living room ensuring nobody keeps spilling wine on my white carpets. Have people lost all their damn coordination?! What’s the matter with you Mia, how hard is it to stay bipedal…?


via Pink Tentacle

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