19 Jan
Documenting the TTXGP, the first-ever electric motorcycle race on the Isle of Man


On June 12 of last year, history was made at the TTXGP — the world’s first clean emission eGrandPrix race which took place on Ireland’s legendary Isle of Man race course. Directed by Mark Neale (who also directed Faster), Charge follows several of the teams involved — including Brammo, MotoCzysz and of course Mission One (read our interview with Mission One’s designer Yves Behar here). Narrated by ubiquitous motorcycle-documentary-voiceman Ewan McGregor (who was the centerpiece of the epic, and at times whiney, The Long Way Around documentary about his bike travel from UK across Russia, Mongolia and across to the USA), it looks to tell the behind-the-scenes story of a momentous engagement in motorsports. What was once a freakish anomaly (a clean emission motorcycle race) could very well be the future of the sport. TTXGP will move from one race in 2009 to a full series next year, beginning in May at the Infineon Raceway in Northern California and culminating with a championship race at Spain’s Albacete circuit.

All this said, electric motorcycles will become serious options in the next couple years, and could do much to fight the noise and carbon pollution of 3rd world countries…if they ever get cheap enough, that is. For a potent pro-electric motorcycle argument, check out the Mission One videos below the Charge trailer (the team just secured the fastest speed record for an electric bike at Bonneville salt flats). Or, read Hell for Leather‘s Wes Siler’s essay Ten reasons why you should be excited about electric motorcycles if you need to shut the traps of those youth-clinging Harley-driving dentists at your golf course.

Charge Trailer (and results of last year’s Isle of Man race after the Jump)…

Mission One video

Mission One breaking electric motorcycle speed record at Bonneville

TTXGP is the world’s first zero-carbon eGrand Prix held on the Isle of Man TT course on June 12, 2009, as part of the traditional TT race programme. Teams from six different countries, including the USA, India, Germany, Austria, UK and the Isle of Man, entered the race. The TTXGP is about competitive innovation, taking place in the ideal competitive venue on the Isle of Man TT circuit.

Full race results of the BEST BUY PRO Class
Pos 1   AGNI X01 (Rob Barber) – Time: 25:53:50 – Speed: 87.434
Pos 2   XXL Racing Team (Thomas Schoenfelder) – Time: 29:04:93 – Speed: 77.841
Pos 3   Brammo (Mark Buckley) – Time: 30:02:64 – Speed: 75.350
Pos 4   Mission Motors (Thomas Montano) – Time: 30:33:26 – Speed: 74.091
Pos 5   HTBlauva (Paul Dobbs) – Time: 36.10.63 – Speed: 62.575
Pos 6   Brunel X-team (Stephen Harper) – Time: 56:27:89 – Speed: 40.092

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