7 Jan
Mad Decent's tropical beauty Maluca tells us about her esquina


Coordinates: New York City via Maluca

Diplo’s Dominican-via-Bronx-via-Manhattan protégé Maluca dropped her debut video for “El Tigeraso” (Mad Decent) in December, a merengue/reggaeton/cumbia blast with a hearty serving of electro thrown in for the kids. Besides being easy on the eyes, the girl sets her hair with beer cans for rollers. What’s there not to like about that? So she seemed like a perfect candidate for the next episode in our COORDINATES series, where we get someone we respect to shine a little light on their hometown (last episode: Bang Gang DJ’s Sydney). So without further ado, let’s see where Maluca takes us on her NYC-bound voyage…

Name, and nicknames:
Natalac ( Natalie and Cadillac), Maluca, Malu, Malu-ki-lu, Malukilaylee

Currently living, city, state/country:


Favorite  hangout:
La Esquina

Top 3 Restaurants:
Breakfast: Café Orlin – cause its my family’s favorite brunch spot and the staff is really nice
Lunch: Café Himalaya – I always get the Shashesha with chicken…. yum!
Dinner: Lil Frankies – Cause East Village Radio is right next door and you get a bomb meal and great music!

I love my city because:
If you want a taco, a snuggie and tampons at 6am you can get ’em. And public transportation is ALWAYS working!

I hate my city because:
Sometimes it just moves too fast…..

The last thing I saw that made me shake my head in wonderment about my hometown is:
Was the aftermath of September 11th … I was living downtown at the time and just remembering that it looked like it had snowed… but was really peoples’ ashes… I will never forget that image in my head…

Hit the Jump to keep reading about Maluca’s New York. Her vid for “El Tigeraso” below…

“I dunno — I never say never…”

Favorite activity or place to kill time without spending any money:
Playing Scrabulous (Scrabble and fabulous). You could play Scrabble with people from all over the world… they got taken off the net because of copy right infringement…I would play at the least 15 times a day

Top 3 favorite places to get drunk:
Any Karaoke bar!!! I LOVE Karaoke… I always sing Vanity 6 “Nasty Girl” or Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”, LIT, Santos Party House

Maluca’s karaoke inspiration Vanity below, probably causing many in attendance to wonder if Prince’s erstwhile bad girl had come back from being Born Again…


Best bookstore:
Strand Book Store

Best boutique:

Favorite place to go out with a dude:
I dunno. If I’m out with a dude I like to go with flow…

Favorite place to hit up with a visiting girlfriend:
Barrio Chino – it’s a great place to people watch and the fish tacos are out of this world!

The best place to see the sun come up:
My parent’s roof

Best club night:
Santos Party House… I’ve seen everyone from Egyptian Lover to Blondie singing with a gay choir on Christmas Eve!

Maluca performing “Big Bad Bangs” at her favorite spot this past July

One place you’d never catch me at:
I dunno — I never say never…

Favorite hometown hero is…
Gil Scott Heron

One place I wish they would fire bomb:
The Meat-Packing district

Favorite Local Band:
The Bowery Riots — cause everyone in the band is soooo talented and I used to be in it… :)

Favorite Local DJ:
That’s a hard one… Kingdom… he kills it every time!

Favorite Artist:
Indie 184
– cuz she’s way talented and a fellow Dominican

The local cops are: LAPD, Mayberry, Hazzard County or Law & Order?
I’m not into bashing the Police…A lot of them are scumbags, some are doe-doe birds and some are fucking amazing!

Best night of the week to go out:

Worst night of the week to go out:
Fridays or Saturdays…all the douche lords come out

Favorite secret walk or spot:
Well if its a secret then I cant tell….right?! ;)

Favorite market:
I really like the Farmers Market on 14th Union Square — you can get fresh flowers, corn or home made apple cider.  But what makes this place dope is that you can get organic food with out paying Whole Food prices.

If you were Lost In a Supermarket, what aisle would we find you in?
The cleaning product section.  It smells so good in there and even though most of those products are gimmicks I just cant help getting 5 packs of Mr. Cleans Magic Eraser ( …actually THAT one does work really well)

Maluca performing “El Tigeraso” at downtown LA’s La Cita…

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  3. Looks like she’s keeping herself together pretty well after all these years

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