8 Jan
LA's Droid Behavior returns with its 30th installment of Interface


One of our favorite (and of course best) LA undergrounds is celebrating its 30th installment this Saturday, January 7.  That’s right – 30 nights of pure techno and its mutations in its freshest form. If you were one of the lucky Angelenos to attend the last installment – Droid’s 7 year anniversary party – then you know you’re in for some magic. That anniversary party, featuring the talents of Chris Leibing and Kid 606 and an audio-visual production that would raise the bar for all those to follow, promised to be the techno event of the year on the west coast…until it was broken up by LA’s fire marshal around 12:30am.  Hundreds of partygoers plowed into the streets of downtown LA with sunken hearts and nowhere comparable to go. But these are not the DROIDS that you’d look to let you down. Rumors swirled of a new location, speakers were stacked and shipped, and next thing you know doors re-opened at 2:30am at another location only a couple miles away, with Chris Leibing set on deck. No crazy visuals, no experimental lighting – just raw techno until 10am in a dark brick room for the 300 or so Angelenos who kept the faith. Backup Location = Pretty F’ing Pro. My confidence in LA underground remained firm that night.

Relive a little of that magic this Saturday with the DROIDS and the granddaddy of techno Speedy J. Over the past 15 years, Speedy J has collaborated with Europe’s finest video artists, filmmakers and advertisers, launched his label Electric Deluxe, and created the pioneering DVD Umfeld, an audio-visual electronic trip which set the standard for composers that experiment in 5.1 surround sound. This event will feature an exclusive audio visual experience inspired by the original Umfeld project.  Droid founding member Drumcell will also peform a live birthday set not to be missed.

Darius and Delinquent Frequency also performing, live visuals by Scott Pagano and CPU. INFO LINE: 323.743.8419

EVENT RSVP: droidbehavior [at] gmail [dot] com

A set below from AudioInjection to whet the techno appetites…


A little peek into the DROID 7-Year Anniversary, with Fire Marshal breakdown, relocation, and party continuation…

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