19 Jan
The Godfathers of Pixel drop a poster for Amnesty International


Berlin’s eBoy collective has just released an Amnesty poster for Amnesty International’s Poverty is Modern campaign, available here for about $31. I love their hyper detailed Legos-meets-8bit interpretations of the world, and this Amnesty poster is no exception. They’ve also released posters for London, Los Angeles, Berlin, Tokyo, Baltimore, Cologne and Venice, and just for giggles I added the images of the NYC and LA posters into the gallery below.

PS: a couple years ago eBoy did a cover for us over at the now-defunct BPM magazine (RIP), and it’s still the wallpaper for my iPhone. Check it out below…

First 5 images are of the LA poster, the next 4 are the NYC poster, and the last are of the Amnesty poster

The limited edition BPM cover


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