6 Jan
Zero emission hits a whole new level


I bet if you’re driving around a Mission One or a Zero you’re thinking you’re the greenest motorcycle rider out there, but you’d be wrong. Actually you’d be super special, because the Mission One isn’t even available yet but I digress. A group at the RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) have designed a concept called the Green Speed Air which will run on compressed air. Yes, compressed air. There was already a guy pushing the compressed-air Air Car, but this seems entirely more plausible given the lightness of a bike over a car (it would be even lighter than its electric motorcycle brethren, given the lack of batteries). Still, they gotta get over that whole exploding thing, given that a bike seems infinitely more likely to get into an accident. Still, the more zero emission options we have out there the better, and I’m liking the old-school-racer-meets-futuro-world design…

(If you’re into zero emission motorcycles, read our interview with Mission One Motors’ designer Yves Behar here.)



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