28 Jan
Pine for the days of construction paper and paste

When I think about my elementary school, the only thing I remember is the cheap ass, plastic and metal chairs and crappy furniture everywhere. Man I wish Iglooplay was around at the time, although I doubt my school could’ve afforded it. The children’s furniture collection from Lisa Albin Design combines organic forms, ergonomics and a modernist sensibility to playfully engage children. The designs respond to the idea that child development flourishes from contact with sculptural forms, material variation and color, and incorporate bent plywood, hardwood veneers, rich colors and soft, upholstered foam. My favorite is the Mod Rocker above, although some of their other pieces make me pine for long days of doing nothing but playing with construcion paper and paste, and thinking that it sucked at the time. Boy we were dumb back then…

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  1. KidKraft says:

    A bumper is a necessary item that is needed to keep the baby safe by keeping the baby’s arms and legs from getting stuck in the slats.

  2. cheers for this blog. It sure was very heart felt.

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