6 Jan
Your guide for a savvy and forward-thinking 2010


It’s a brand spanking new year, and there’s so much to look forward to and even more to leave behind. 2009 wasn’t kind to anyone, so I’m sure we’re all psyched just to leave that year in the past and welcome in the pure potential of what 2010 has to offer. In that mindset we present you with JAK‘s “INs and OUTs for 2010” — your guide for a savvy and forward-thinking New Year…

IN: Marion Cotillard and John Galliano (above)
No other designer has captured his muse as heart-stirringly as John Galliano with Marion. Watch out for this one; her impeccable style and earth-shattering talent is going to change every heroin actress as we know em’.

OUT: Sarah Jessica Parker and Patricia Field
The “designer-actress” duo is always a claim to fame, but like any middle-aged actress holding onto her career, there is always a time for retirement…


IN: Britney Murphy and the classic Knee High
She left us with many memorable moments, including her quirky romantic comedies, but no legacy will carry on more than how well she wore those knee high’s and midriffs. Not even Cher Horowitz herself could make this look so sweet. Kneehighs — we are open arms for your comeback.


OUT: Michael Jackson the sequined glove
It’s been almost 6 months since we lost our beloved king of pop….which also means its been over 6 months since retail stores and online shopping are offering the “sequin-glove” for purchase and “memorabilia?”. It was only Halloween for one of these months! It kills us to say it, but the MJ thing, is being carried out way to long.


IN: The Copenhagen Wheel

OUT: Fixies


IN: Tavi and Rodarte Sisters
There are two we cant stop watching right now: Tavi, the innocent eccentric fashion forward blogger and The Rodarte Sisters, the designing duo who is reinventing America’s definition of couture. When we found that these geniuses think alike, we couldn’t help but feel pure excitement, anticipation and of course envy!

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OUT: Lily Allen and Karl Lagerfeld
Dear Karl,
WHY when you could have any model, artist, or singer in the world… why Lily? Is it her pink hair or her catchy commercial pop melodies? It’s hard to say exactly why this duo is out when we are still very unclear about why it was ever in!


IN: Wearing undergarments as outer garments


OUT: Wearing no garments under garments


IN: Classic and Glamor-ed


OUT: Looking hammered


IN: Viviennewest-world


OUT: Balmain-ia


IN: Clark Gable


OUT: Urkel-wear


IN: Barbie make-overs


OUT: Barbie make-unders


IN: Scott Schulman


OUT: The Sartorialist


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  1. eugene says:

    thank you for putting fixies on the out list. this is a damn good list.

  2. Elly says:

    aaaahahahah LOVE you mamis!!! this is too funny! :-)

  3. Michael J will always stay in my heart.. He truly changed the woerld!

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