14 Jan
The Gallardo gets the SuperVeloce treatment


Last year Lambo announced the SuperVeloce version of its halo supercar, the Murciélago. Since, rumors have circulated of a SuperVeloce version of the Baby Lambo, the Gallardo. Well now some images have surfaced giving much heft to the possibility. You know Lambo’s not done with the Gallardo body style yet (how many years does it have left?), so they gotta milk it as long as they can. The last couple special edition Gallardos were the Superleggera and the Balboni — both cars who created more by giving less. The Superleggera (aka “super light” in Italian) shed a bunch of pounds and added some horsepower, while the Balboni dropped the All Wheel Drive (AWD) and went Rear Wheel Drive only (yikes). Upon losing the AWD it also lost 265 pounds.

Given the Lamborghini naming system, its LP 570-4 moniker would signify that the SuperVeloce is raising its horsepower to 570 — 10 more than the standard Gallardo. Of course, given the Kate Moss school of thought with modern supercars, and the obsession with dropping pounds and increasing the ever-more-important power-to-wait ration, you can expect the LP 570-4 SuperVeloce to shed a few pounds as well, probably through the use of more carbon fiber and/or aluminum.

Thanks to LamboCars.

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