21 Jan
Speed up and slow down time...if you've got $300,000


A new piece from Swiss watchmaker Confrerie Horlogere, this La Clef du Temps Tourbillon has two noteworthy features. First the La Clef du Temps orients the tourbillon horizontally, so the wearer can watch its movement through the side window (see the tiny side window above). The second feature has to do with the crowns: the one on the right of the watch is used for adjusting the time (pretty normal), while with the crown on the left you can actually adjust the speed of the hands’ movement. The founder of Confrerie Horlogere, Mathias Buttet, wanted to give people the luxury of speeding up the dull moments in life while slowing down good times. Ingenious idea — too bad it doesn’t actually slow down time, or we’d really be onto something.

Constructed of mostly titanium (53mm wide and 58mm tall), only 24 La Clef du Temps Tourbillons will ever be made, one for each timezone, retailing for between $200-300,000.


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