26 Jan
Limited Edition cameras will honor Tiananmen Square massacre...oh wait a second, no it won't...

I’m always amused when China refers to itself as the “People’s Republic of China”, considering most people have the rights of the common stray dog — in other words, stay outta the way or you’ll end up in somebody’s soup. I got no personal beef with the country, it’s just when you’re human rights record makes Myanmar look like Sweden I don’t think the words “People’s Republic” should be in your name. I’m just saying. Well the otherwise awesome people at Leica have decided to commemorate our new Consumer Lords by creating a 60th Anniversary People’s Republic of China set of 3 cameras, based on the Leica MP, M8.2 and D-Lux 4 body styles. I wish they’d stick to stuff like their Hermès collabo, but what ya gonna do — the Chinese are gonna be ruling the world in the  near future and you can’t blame Leica, just like everyone else, for jumping on that steamrolling economic bandwagon…

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