29 Jan
Which will be better — the shirts or the final season?

I admit I used to be a Lost maniac, but mostly for the first 3 seasons then I got progressively less interested, and I think I only saw a couple last season. Well now that this is the final season, I’m thinking about powering up the old Season Manager on my Tivo and get excited again. You know wwhat else is helping? These Lost-inspired tshirts by NYC boutique Bblessing. Designed by Nicholas Kratochvil, the tees feature symbols from the Lost vernacular, such as the musical notes to The Beach Boys “‘Good Vibrations” (the melody was the code they had to enter to send transmissions in the Looking Glass station. Nerd.), Desmond’s boat Elizabeth, and the phrase “Another Life” – Inspired by Desmond’s recurring line “See you in another life, brother”. The million dollar question is whether all the mystery and suspense that made Lost once so great will be resolved with an intelligent, cogent epiphany…or whether it’ll just unravel into network primetime drivel. Guess we’ll see…

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