22 Jan
How only $100,000 can make all your dreams come true

Remember in the long-ago past, when you thought about the future, how the only thing more ubiquitous than silver tinfoil onesie uniforms was a jetpack in every garage? Well then, people of Earth, your time for the future may finally be here…well, at the end of the year, anyways. Oh, that and you’ll need about $100,000. But still, that’s not too much to ask for your own personal real life jetpack. The Martin Jetpack is powered by a specially-designed 2.0L gasoline engine producing 200hp with a traveling radius of as much as 31 miles, or up to 8,000 feet. And since it qualifies under the FAA’s “Ultralight” classification you don’t even need a pilot’s license. Which makes sense, as flying this Martin Jetpack seems about as close to flying a plane as skiing is to driving a bus. I’d still learn this thing inside and out before getting anywhere close to its 8,000 foot altitude limit. Should you fly too close to the sun however, young Icarus, and you’ll still have a built-in parachute to save you in case of a malfunction or stall. And if that doesn’t work? Well you better hope the built-in roll cage is strong enough to break your fall…

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