21 Jan
Hit play, fight through the muddle and pluck the genius


Yes, the quality is crap and half the microphones are blown, but if you have 20 minutes in your day then you have time for Mick Jones on TV Party. The cult landmark TV Party (re-released awhile back on DVD) was a free cable access show in New York City that ran from 1978 to 1982, hosted by Chris Stein (from Blondie) and Glenn O’Brien (aka GQ’s “Style Guy” — peep a great interview with him on A Continuous Lean). It was basically a Who’s Who of NYC underground intelligentsia from the era, and boasted guests like Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Byrne and Debbie Harry basically dropping knowledge to the masses.

This here is the episode with Mick Jones of The Clash — in 4 parts. If you can fight through the mumbles, poor audio and at times nonsensical idealist rantings (unfortunately we’ve all seen what happens to a people without government, it’s called Haiti), enjoy…

Mick Jones on TV Party pt III (pts I & II after the Jump, cos believe it or not the audio is better for parts III and IV)

Mick Jones on TV Party pt IV

Mick Jones on TV Party pt I

Mick Jones on TV Party pt II

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