This contiguous USA-shaped bookcase was designed by Israeli architect/designer Ron Arad, who is now Professor of Design Product at the illustrious Royal College of Art in London. Constructed of both Corten steel and mirror-polished stainless steel, I’m not sure how much it costs or who I’d have to club over the head to snag it before throwing it in the back of my pickup, but I think it would look great filled with my collection of rare American Bowhunter Illustrated magazines…

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  1. Joseph Lewis says:

    I like your thoughts on friendship. I’ve met most of my close, lifelong friends at college. It was super easy to make friends there because we were all living close together and didn’t have too much going on in our day to day lives.

  2. Always good content, here. I first found your site through Yahoo; you rank quite well. I’m a big bookcase nut myself so it’s always cool to see unique products

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