28 Jan
Limited Edition luxury bourbon to keep winter nights warm

The Van Winkle family recently announced the release of a very limited Old Rip Van Winkle Family Selection 23 year-old bourbon whiskey decanter. Every barrel of whiskey was chosen from the lower, cooler floors of the aging warehouse, allowing this wheated-recipe bourbon to age more gracefully. Julian and Preston Van Winkle hand-picked these select barrels which were filled in April of 1986. This bourbon will not be chill filtered, leaving in all the flavor and complexity of the whiskey. Each decanter will be bottled at the original barrel entry proof of 114 (its the first time they’ve offered the 23-year bourbon at a proof of other than 95.6).

“This is some of our best whiskey,” commented Julian Van Winkle. “I’m thrilled to offer this new expression of Old Rip. Hopefully whiskey aficionados will appreciate the rich taste of this bourbon as much as I do.”

There will only be 1,200 of these unique decanters available. Each bottle was produced by the award-winning Glencairn Crystal of Scotland and is hand-engraved and numbered to commemorate the exclusive bottling. Every decanter will be packaged in a beautiful solid wood, leather-lined box along with a crystal stopper and two crystal glasses. Yes they already have a 23-Year Pappy vintage, but as Julian P. Van Winkle III explained to LIAS, “The whiskey is the same age as our regular 23 year Pappy but different proof & unfiltered.”

The new 23 year decanter will retail for about $350.00. A couple more images, plus the handwritten explanation letter, after the Jump

The Van Winkle Motto:
We make fine Bourbon,
At a profit if we can, at
A loss if we must, but
Always Fine Bourbon

The handwritten Letter of Explanation

The original 23 year Pappy bottle

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