What do you give to the woman who loves chocolate, but wants to cut your junk off? Why, some Chocolate Swiss Army Knives of course. Sure, at first it may inspire Lorena Bobbitt-esque thoughts, but once she’s halfway through the delicious creamy goodness that is Swiss chocolate, she’ll forget all about that booze-breathed whore that was calling you darling at Bunrattys…


2 Responses to “Swiss Army Knife…Chocolates?”

  1. […] that’s a knife. Sure these aren’t made of chocolate, but I would still love to get my hands on one. Available at Hammacher Schlemmer for only […]

  2. […] live without (e.g. their Fighting Super Bionic Robots, “Thunderclap” Alarm Clock or Swiss Army Knife Chocolates). Such is the case with their Cassette To iPod Converter — a simple piece of digital magic that […]

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