27 Jan
High-tech meets hardcore...

Anytime I see something that’s just in my price range, I try to imagine life with that object. If it sounds like a completely bad idea, I’ll run with it. I’ve got worse money handling skills than a Wall Street investment banker, which makes me a great consumer. Now, take the Desktop V-Twin Engine for example — it’s moderately priced at $1,000 and I don’t need it…at all. I don’t need it, unless of course I want to have a little extra juice for my overpriced laptop on my next plane ride. How else am I going to watch season 12 of Jersey Shore in its entirety, bring an extra battery? No. I’m going to fulfill my deepest desires as a blue-blooded consumer and buy this bad-ass butane-fueled laptop engine. Granted, it’s designed to sit atop a desk, its shiny parts optimized for low vibration, but this is my scenario. First step: figure out a way to get it past security.

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