25 Jan
Street art taken to the street...signs

Street art, let’s face it, has become a bit stale. Every guy with wheat paste and passing illustration skills is trying to make a name for himself by taking their art to the streets, empty billboards and electric utility boxes everywhere. Sometimes the results are great (Space Invader, Banksy, etc), and sometimes less so — just crappy vandalism at best. Well steet artist(s?) TrustoCorp are firmly planted on the former category, using actual street signs to subversively convey their messages, keeping them subliminally hidden unless you’re really paying attention. Nice stuff. Apparently most of these were photographed in New York and Miami.

2 Responses to “TrustoCorp”

  1. Not Buyinit says:

    The fact that they put their logo on all this lame visual clutter is evidence of some expectation of reward down the road other than self-satisfaction. It’s not art, it’s just more tiresome viral marketing. Now it’s, “Hey, look at me!”; soon it’ll be, “Hey, buy our t-shirts!”

  2. […] have to say I really like what these by TrustoCorp guys are up to (remember these?). Yes, wheat pasting that little cool ghost or cartoon or stupid smiley face with long legs is […]

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